Service of medical equipment


We have one of the highest levels of service in the country when it comes to the maintenance of medical equipment and we employ several electrical engineers. Each of the engineers has many years of work experience as well as experience in the field of medical electronics, medical software, hardware, services, applications, installation and training of users.

For all of the equipment in our program, we provide an officially authorized service, technical documentation, spare parts, consumables and accessories. We are officially trained in the factories and maintain the equipment according to the original factory procedures and documentation.
We are specialized in the repair of EKG machines, holter ECGs, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, stress test systems, defibrillators, monitors, fetal monitors, electrocouters, ultrasounds, doppler devices, pulse oximeters, infusion and syringe pumps….

In addition to maintaining the equipment in our program, we service medical electronic equipment from other manufacturers as well. We also provide some technical modifications and innovations for various devices.

We have the following measurement equipment in our service: measuring instruments, oscilloscopes, frekventcmeter, tone generator, signal generator, digital multimeters, various voltagestabilized rectifiers, auto and isolating transformer, ECG simulators, complete spezialized tools, a variety of components and spare parts.